Sunday, August 17, 2014

Texas Bumblebees

Bumblebee enjoying American Basketflower
Michael Warriner from Texas Parks and Wildlife treated the Master Naturalists to an intriguing presentation about Native Bees.  Michael Warriner is the TPW Non-game and Rare Species Program Supervisor.  For the Texas Nature Trackers Program, he created the website   Go there for an easy Bumblebee identification guide and lots of information.  Native bees need our help with food (seasonal, native nectar flowers) and shelter (a nesting location).   At you can learn how to build nesting blocks for our native, non-aggressive, solitary bees.  This is a fine family or school project. Report your Bumblebee spottings!  You can be a “bumble-watcher”.  The bees and flowers pictured here are from my garden.
Bumblebee on Partridge Pea

Bumblebee resting on Salvia, Indigo Spires

Bumblebee on American Basketflower

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