Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green Anole

This green anole, (Anolis carolinensis) does not look green at all as he - or she- relaxes on a basketflower leaf.  Even watching me, he is unconcerned, legs outstretched, all comfy.  He knows I don't eat the lizards in my yard, I suppose.  But suddenly my dog passes under his leaf.  Presto! Change-o!  The anole switches his color from brown to green, to hide from the canine predator.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monarchs have Arrived - Finally!

Monarch Butterflies are visiting my garden this week.  I was so happy to see the tell-tale holes eaten through the leaves.  Then I spotted this little stripey fellow sunning on his leaf. Usually the babies hide safely beneath the leaves.  An adult monarch stopped buy to sip nectar from my American Basketflower.  One plump caterpillar was crawling up the warm brick wall heading toward the eves, preparing to make a chrysalis.  I hope he fastens on tightly because Hurricane Alex is expected to give us a lot of wind and rain.