Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spider Lily

The highway runs through a patch of wetlands. The spider lilies, Hymenocallis liriosme, are exploding there now. Yesterday the Master Naturalists transplanted scores of greenhouse-raised spider lilies into the Nature Conservancy Wetlands. The plants which we released back into the wild had been grown from seeds of these native lilies along the roadside. Soon we will have to gather more seeds for next year.

April 23, 2011  I added the photo taken with my mobile phone which shows the seeds of this native lily.  Growing lily plants from the seeds will take more than a year of care.  Next year, after a the plant has developed a bulb, it can be transplanted.  The seeds look just like green eggs and as we were collecting them prior to Easter, we Master Naturalists surely felt that we were on an Easter Egg Hunt.
These look like green bird eggs, but these are the Spider Lily Seeds.