Saturday, July 30, 2011

Frog in the Dog Dish

Is that a leaf in the water bowl?  Nope, it's a Rio Grande Chirping Frog.

Rio Grande Chirping Frog floating in dog's water dish - Just his nose above water.

Released onto moist soil, Rio Grand Chirping Frog is the brown spot in the center of the photo.
It was my turn to find a frog in the dog’s water bowl. (In my last post, I wrote that Tom B. found a Green Tree Frog in his kitchen, soaking in the dog’s water dish.)   A little Rio Grande Chirping Frog was in my dog’s water.  He hung below the water’s surface,  floating with only his nose sticking in the air.  I thought he was dead, but then I saw him kick one leg.  He did not move when I slid my hand underneath him.   The water bowl was deep and had steep, slippery sides.  I bet he couldn’t climb out after he’d enjoyed his swim.   I carried him outdoors and placed him on a seed starter tray.  The native green milkweed seeds I planted there are not doing much, but the chirping frogs like sitting in the moist soil cups.


moonlake said...

What a lovely site. We have a large milkweed patch and see many different butterflies. Enjoyed your site.

Sally said...

Greetings, Moonlake. Thank you so much for your kind comments! I think it's wonderful that you are growing milkweed for your butterflies. The monarch butterflies and others need all they help we can give them. :-)