Friday, August 6, 2010

Dragonfly Obelisking

Blue Dasher Dragonfly, Perching

Dragonfly  Obelisking
As erect as he can be!

It's August. It's Texas. It's hot. What's an ectotherm to do?  The sun heats your body too much.  You could hide in the shade, but then you couldn't hunt and eat.  Solution:  reduce your body's exposure to the sun by changing your profile!  That is what this dragonfly is doing.;  In the first photo he is close to his usual horizontal perching position.  As the day heats up, he points his tail to the sky!  It is called obelisking because he looks like a tall pillar or obelisk.  I have identified this acrobatic guy as a Blue Dasher - an immature male or a female -  but if you are a Dragonfly-ologist and know otherwise, please correct me.  I want to learn!!!


Anonymous said...

Again, I've learned something! Thanks Sally!

Milkweed Patch said...

Hey, I'm with you! Nature surprises us with something new every day. ~~~Sally